Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Current Stars: Jayson Werth, Washington Nationals, OF

While browsing through my newer Topps sets, I came across some Jayson Werth baseball cards, which I never really noticed before.  After his 13-pitch walk-off homerun during game 4 of the NLDS last year, it would actually be difficult for me not to notice these cards anymore.  I had tickets for game 5 the following day, and really wanted the opportunity to attend my first playoff game.  It was the middle of the 9th inning when I got off work that Thursday evening, and all hope for an additional game 5 seemed just about hopeless.  I got on the highway and turned on my radio just in time to listen to that very long At Bat by Jayson Werth who did finally hit the ball out of the park on the 13th pitch.  The radio kept playing it over and over, for what seemed like the rest of the evening.  I did get to go to my first playoff game the following day, and will hopefully, get to go to another one soon.  I think I became somewhat of a Nationals fan that day.  Here are Jayson Werth's first Topps card of the 21st Century, and his 3rd Topps card overall:

I will be setting up a new blog titled, 21st Century Topps Baseball, to cover the more recent Topps baseball card productions such as these. 

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