Monday, November 11, 2013

2013 A.L. Rookie of the Year Award: Myers, Iglesias, & Archer

2013 Topps #US200: Wil Myers is the winner of this year's AL ROY award with 23 first place votes, 5 second place votes, and 1 third place vote for a total of 131 points.

2013 Topps #US26: Myers Debut.

2013 Topps #US235: Jose Iglesias came in 2nd place with 5 first place votes, 17 second place votes, and 4 third place votes for a total of 80 points.

2013 Topps #US320: Chris Archer came in 3rd place with 1 first place vote, 5 second place votes, and 15 third place votes for a total of 35 points.

2013 Topps #338: Mike Trout was last year's AL ROY award winner.

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