Sunday, November 23, 2014

2003 Topps Traded baseball card set #1-275

Finally, after more than a decade of waiting, the 2003 Topps Traded set is now part of my collection.  Headlining this set is the Robinson Cano RC, but there are tons of star rookie and veteran cards to be found in this outstanding set.      

Now, Seriously--What's a 2003 Topps baseball card set without Jack McKeon (#T119), Ivan Rodriguez (#T27), and Miguel Cabrera (#T126)?  The Marlins won the World Series that year.  These are must-have cards for this set.  Other '03 Traded Marlins cards include Ugueth Urbina (#T87), Juan Pierre (#T1), Josh Willingham (#T222), Jim Kavourias (#T134), Matt Demarco (#T259), Eric Reed (#T266), Denny Bautista (#T143), and Tyson Graham (#T251).

Yes, that's a 2006 Topps Mickey Mantle #MM2003 integrated into my 2003 Topps set.  In 2006, Topps went back and replaced the retired #7 cards from 1996-2005, which I've been able to complete.

Of course, the key to this set is not the Mick, but Cano.

How about David Ortiz's (#T52) first card as a Red Sox player...

...or Hanley Ramirez's (#T181) first card ever?  The 2003 Topps base set didn't even have a Manager card for the Cubs, until Dusty Baker (#T116) came along, fresh off of a World Series appearance with the San Francisco Giants team in 2002.  He even took the Cubs to the playoffs in 2003.

The Braves had plenty of rookies and prospects in the '03T Traded set like Adam Wainwright (#T159), Brian McCann (#T209), and Adam LaRoche (not shown) among some others below.
1980's stars Rickey Henderson (#T73) and Fred McGriff (#T99) were showing they still had what it took to complete in the 2000's. 

There are plenty more great cards in this set, but not enough time for me to list them all. 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

2004 Topps #T144: Felix Hernandez, Seattle Mariners, RHP

As this year's runner-up for the A.L. Cy Young award, Felix Hernandez has really been making some noise out in the Pacific Northwest throughout the past 10 seasons.  He last won the award in 2010, and was a runner-up again the year before in 2009.  Hernandez is quickly becoming a familiar face at the All-Star Games every year, having been selected during 5 of the past 6 years.  He led the league in ERA twice, posting a career best this year with a 2.14 ERA.  He's averaged over 30 starts and 200 innings pitched each year for the past decade with a .576 win percentage.  Hernandez is still only 28 years old, and is on pace for over 250 career win by the age of 38 (if he can maintain current pace for 10 more years).  Could he be the next 300 game winner?

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

2014 MLB Cy Young Award Winners: C.Kluber & C.Kershaw

Congratulations to Clayton Kershaw ('14T#400) and Corey Kluber ('14T#279) on winning this year's Cy Young award for their respective leagues.

Last year's Cy Young award winners were: Max Scherzer ('14T#630) and Clayton Kershaw ('14T#604).

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

2014 Manager of the Year Award Winners: B.Showalter & M.Williams

Congratulations to Buck Showalter and Matt Williams on winning this year's Manager of the Year award in their respective league.

In the American League:
1. Buck Showalter ('92T #201), Baltimore Orioles, MGR
2. Mike Scioscia ('92T #13), Los Angeles Angels, MGR
3. Ned Yost ('04T #282), Kansas City Royals, MGR

In the National League:
1. Matt Williams ('01T #503), Washington Nationals, MGR
2. Clint Hurdle ('07T #246), Colorado Rockies, MGR
3. Bruce Bochy ('01T #350), San Francisco Giants, MGR

2014 N.L. Strikeout Leaders: J.Cueto, S.Strasburg, & C.Kershaw

This year's N.L. Strikeout leaders are:
1. Johnny Cueto ('14T #16) of the Cincinnati Reds with 242 Strikeouts.
2. Stephen Strasburg ('14T #332) of the Washington Nationals with 242 Strikeouts.
3. Clayton Kershaw ('14T #400) of the Los Angeles Dodgers with 239 Strikeouts.


2014 A.L. Strikeout Leaders: D.Price, C.Kluber, & M.Scherzer

This year's A.L. Strikeout leaders are:
1. David Price ('14T #US7) of the Detroit Tigers with 271 Strikeouts.
2. Corey Kluber ('14T #279) of the Cleveland Indians with 269 Strikeouts.
3. Max Scherzer ('14T #630) of the Detroit Tigers with 252 Strikeouts.


Monday, November 10, 2014

2014 MLB Rookie of the Year Award Winners: J.Abreu & J.deGrom

This year's Rookie of the Year award winners in each league are: 

Jose Abreu, Chicago White Sox, 1B/DH ('14T #US325) won the ROY award for the American League.  He finished the season with a .317 AVG, 107 RBI, and 36 HR's in 622 plate appearances.  Abreu also won the Silver Slugger award at 1st base, and made the All-Star team.

Jacob deGrom, New York Mets, RHP ('14T #US57) won the ROY award for the National League.  He finished the season with a 9-6 W-L record, a 2.69 ERA, and 144 Strikeouts in 22 starts.

10 years ago, the 2004 Rookie of the Year award winners were Bobby Crosby and Jason Bay.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

2014 N.L. Wins Leaders: C.Kershaw, J.Cueto, & A.Wainwright

This year's A.L. Wins leaders are:
1. Clayton Kershaw ('14T #604) of the Los Angeles Dodgers with 21 Wins.
2. Johnny Cueto ('14T #16) of the Cincinnati Reds with 20 Wins.
3. Adam Wainwright ('14T #375) of the St. Louis Cardinals with 20 Wins.

Here are last year's N.L. Wins leaders ('14T #294).


2014 A.L. Wins Leaders: C.Kluber, M.Scherzer, & J.Weaver

This year's A.L. Wins leaders are:
1. Corey Kluber ('14T #279) of the Cleveland Indians with 18 Wins.
2. Max Scherzer ('14T #US269) of the Detroit Tigers with 18 Wins.
3. Jered Weaver ('14T #548) of the Los Angeles Angels with 18 Wins.

Here are last year's A.L. Wins leaders ('14T #299).

Friday, November 7, 2014

2014 Louisville Slugger Silver Slugger Award Winners

Here are this year's Silver Slugger Award winners in each league:


Victor Martinez DH, Detroit Tigers
Yan Gomes C, Cleveland Indians
Jose Abreu 1B, Chicago White Sox
Jose Altuve 2B, Houston Astros
Alexei Ramirez SS, Chicago White Sox
Adrian Beltre 3B, Texas Rangers
Jose Bautista OF, Toronto Blue Jays
Michael Brantley OF, Cleveland Indians
Mike Trout OF, Los Angeles Angels

Madison Bumgarner P, San Francisco Giants
Buster Posey C, San Francisco Giants
Adrian Gonzalez 1B, Los Angeles Dodgers
Neil Walker 2B, Pittsburgh Pirates
Ian Desmond SS, Washington Nationals
Anthony Rendon 3B, Washington Nationals
Andrew McCutchen OF, Pittsburgh Pirates
Giancarlo Stanton OF, Miami Marlins
Justin Upton OF, Atlanta Brave

Thursday, November 6, 2014

2014 Rawlings Gold Glove Award Winners

Here are this year's Gold Glove Award winners for each league:

Dallas Keuchel P, Houston Astros
Salvador Perez C, Kansas City Royals
Eric Hosmer 1B, Kansas City Royals
Dustin Pedroia 2B, Boston Red Sox
J.J. Hardy SS, Baltimore Orioles
Kyle Seager 3B, Seattle Mariners
Alex Gordon LF, Kansas City Royals
Adam Jones CF, Baltimore Orioles
Nick Markakis RF, Baltimore Orioles

Zack Geinke P, Los Angeles Dodgers
Yadier Molina C, St. Louis Cardinals
Adrian Gonzalez 1B, Los Angeles Dodgers
DJ LeMahieu 2B, Colorado Rockies
Andrelton Simmons SS, Atlanta Braves
Nolan Arenado 3B, Colorado Rockies
Christian Yelich LF, Miami Marlins
Juan Lagares CF, New York Mets
Jason Heyward RF, Atlanta Braves

Friday, October 31, 2014

2014 N.L. ERA Leaders: C.Kershaw, J.Cueto, & A.Wainwright

This year's A.L. ERA leaders are:
1. Clayton Kershaw ('14T #US178) of the Los Angeles Dodgers with a 1.77 ERA.
2. Johnny Cueto ('14T #16) of the Cincinnati Reds with a 2.25 ERA.
3. Adam Wainwright ('14T #US289) of the St. Louis Cardinals with a 2.38 ERA.

Here are last year's N.L. ERA leaders ('14T #113).

2014 A.L. ERA Leaders: F.Hernandez, C.Sale, & C.Kluber

This year's A.L. ERA leaders are:
1. Felix Hernandez ('14T #US234) of the Seattle Mariners with a 2.14 ERA.
2. Chris Sale ('14T #US277) of the Chicago White Sox with a 2.17 ERA.
3. Cory Kluber ('14T #279) of the Cleveland Indians with a 2.44 ERA.

Here are last year's A.L. ERA leaders ('14T #117).