Sunday, July 20, 2014

2007 Topps Factory Set Rookie Variation Bonus Cards #6-10

     Yesterday, I added five new cards to my 2007 Topps baseball card set with a factory set rookie variation bonus pack containing cards #6-10 out of 20 total.  My original 2007 Topps factory set came with two packs of five cards, which I will post shortly.  For a long time, I did not know what to do with these type of bonus cards.  When I first started collecting baseball cards as a kid between 1987-1991, bonus cards did not exist in wax packs and factory sets (although cello packs did contain an all-star commemorative card). 
     When Topps began introducing bonus cards into their factory sets in 1992, I had already moved on to other interests and never noticed them.  I first noticed bonus cards when I began collecting baseball cards again in 2001.  Up to that point in time, factory set bonus cards could not be effectively integrated into the base sets like Topps Traded cards could.  Until recently, I would either place my factory set bonus cards at the back of my card binders, or just separate them completely.  
     Within the past year, I decided to incorporate these type of cards into my sets as I would for the Traded/Update sets.  This post marks the beginning of my attempts to collect these factory set bonus cards.  The first Topps factory sets that contained bonus card packs that could be integrated into the base sets appeared in 2002, although the factory set that I purchased in 2002 contained Archive cards that could not be integrated. 
     To date, I have compiled 15 of the 20 total rookie variation cards for the 2007 Topps set.  Some of these cards are actually not variations at all, but the only card issued for a player in this year.  Others look like an exact duplicate of the base card or Update card.  Here are the five bonus cards I received in the mail yesterday.  If the player had a base card or Update card, I included that version alongside the bonus card as well.



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