Sunday, July 13, 2014

Felix Hernandez: 2005 Topps #688 & #UH110

 Looking through my 2005 Topps + Update set binders, I came across a player's name that's beginning to stand out more often across the baseball nation.  Felix Hernandez will be this year's American League pitching starter for the All-Star Game in a couple of days.  His Topps rookie card is located in the 2004 Topps Traded Set, which I have yet to complete.  I do have Hernandez's 2nd year cards though, which both show a discrepancy on their card backs.   

On Hernandez's 2005 Topps regular-issue card, the biographical information and stats appear to be correct upon a quick check on and other available media.

Hernandez's 2005 Topps Update card almost appears to depict a different person from the regular-issue card, but the discrepancy is located on the card back.

The card back states that Hernandez was born in California instead of Venezuela more than two months after the Hernandez in his regular-issue card.  The card also has Hernandez drafted by the Twins in 2004, and listed as 2 inches shorter and 5 pounds heavier. 

Apparently, there is some misinformation being listed on Hernandez's early Topps card backs.

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