Thursday, September 11, 2014

2014 Topps Checklist Set

Now, here's a post that typically doesn't get much attention: checklist cards.  Topps has been manufacturing their checklist sets in roughly the same 10-card format since 2009.  The card fronts typically highlight some player achievement from the previous season, while the card backs feature a portion of the base set checklist.  This 10-card subset serves as the back of my set binder until the Traded/Update set is released.  This year's Series 1 checklist set features 5 cards: #47 C.Davis, #149 M.Cabrera, #253 T.Helton, #132 H.Alvarez, and #321 M.Rivera.

This year's Series 2 checklist set features 5 cards:  #364 M.Trout, #390 B.Harper, #478 B.Hamilton, #499 C.Kimbrel, and #552 Y.Puig. 

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