Saturday, October 4, 2014

1993 Topps Black Gold Insert Set #1-44

These cards represent Topps' first "modern" attempt to manufacture insert cards.  Topps Black Gold cards were randomly inserted into packs and factory sets.  A complete set of 1993 Topps Black Gold cards includes #1-44, although many people also collect the "winner" cards too.  Winner cards were also randomly inserted into packs and factory sets, which were redeemable by mail for multiple extras.  There were various types of winner cards like A (#1-11), B (#12-22), C (#23-33), D (#34-44), AB (#1-22), CD (#23-44), ABCD (#1-44).  Below, I have the first four types of winner cards shown.  Perhaps, I will go on to collect the last three types.  There is also a difference between certified winner cards and redeemable winner cards.  The winner cards I have shown below are certified winner cards that were included with redeemed sets or partial sets.  Redeemable winner cards are only distinguishable from certified winner cards from the card backs, which contain instructions for redeeming your winner cards.  I also have a redeemable winner C card (not shown) that was included as part of one of my factory sets.  I'm not sure that I really want to go on and collect both redeemable and certified winner cards.  That just seems like a little bit too much.

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