Friday, August 21, 2015

2015 Topps Factory Set & Checklist Cards

By now, most people have already had the opportunity to explore the 2015 Topps baseball card set through card packs--but not me.  Each year, I wait for the factory sets to come out in early July before purchasing the the new issue of Topps baseball cards.  This year I purchased the Ken Griffey Jr. factory set version, which included a 1999 chrome refractor and 5 bonus rookie card variations (another post).  As with each new set, I begin by placing the cards in numerical order to ensure completeness before dividing it up the set by team sets and special cards.  A 100-pack of 9-pocket pages and a couple of 1" binders finishes off my supply needs for organizing my card library.

Featured below is the 10-card checklist subset, which has been fairly standard since 2008 or 2009.  The front of each card features a highlight from the previous season, while each card back features a portion the sets complete checklist.  The 2015 Topps baseball card set increased in size this year to 700 cards numbered from 1-701.  Card #7 was again not issued in honor of Mickey Mantle, which has been inconsistently applied since 1997.


  1. ...And Brandon Crawford says "Ha ha, I got my back on two checklist cards!"

    I'd sometimes wondered if I was the only one who checks factory sets for completeness. I got burned once by an incomplete Fleer factory set in the 1980's... but then again, it was Fleer and it was the 1980's.

    1. My 2005 Topps Update Factory Set was missing 3 cards. I've been counting ever since.