Friday, September 25, 2015

1997 Topps Willie Mays Commemorative Set #1-27

After putting together the '96 Topps Mantle Commemorative set one-by-one, I decided to keep it simple this time and get all of the Mays cards at the same time.  For just over $1 per card average, this was a much better deal than paying $2-$3 per card for the 36 Mantles.  In fact, I also recenlty purchased the '00 Aaron Commemorative set for less than $1 per card.  I'm keeping my eye on the '98 Clemente and '99 Ryan Commemorative sets.  

So what is this set good for?  I use these cards as fillers for my vintage sets until I can replace them with originals.  Once I've purchased the originals, I place them in the back of their respective binders like the rest of my insert sets (in this case, 1997 Topps).  I treat all of the Mantles as 1996 Topps cards for the purpose of keeping the set together in one binder.

Some of these cards I will never replace--like the '51 Bowman Mantle or Mays.  Some I already have complete reprint set for--like the '52-'54 Topps cards.  These commemorative sets really enhance both my vintage collection as well as my modern insert sets.  

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