Friday, September 18, 2015

2002 Topps #365: Barry Bonds HR's 70-73

When I first purchased the 2002 Topps factory set over 13 years ago, my card #365 depicted Barry Bond's 73rd homerun of the 2001 season.  I did not realize until about 10 years later that there were actually 73 versions of this card.  Since I didn't get back into the hobby until 2001, I missed the 70 versions of Mark McGwire and the 66 versions of Sammy Sosa in the 1999 Topps too.  Well, I recently found a decent deal on a few extra Race To Seventy Bonds cards to add to my collection.

Bonds was still very popular during the time of this set's production as all the drama about PED's hadn't yet really started.  While many people were busy trying to put together all 73 versions of this card, Bonds was leading the Giants into the World Series.  It was a very exciting time in baseball.  Of course we all know now how this story ended--the Angels won their first World Series, and MGR Mike Scioscia seemed to be carrying that trophy in every card since.

Think I'm kidding? (2 years later).

"Where'd I put that trophy?" (5 years later).

"Oh, here's my trophy!" (8 years later).

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