Friday, September 4, 2015

2010 Topps Factory Rookie Variation Bonus Insert Set #1-10

This decade has produced so many great Topps baseball card sets that it's truly difficult for me to pick a favorite, but the 2010 set would certainly make the final cut if I had to choose.  When I first purchased this set, I got the Phillies factory edition because it was the best deal at the time, so I ended up with 5 Phillies factory bonus variation cards.  There were actually a multitude of different factory set options containing a variation of bonus insert card sets.  One set that I definitely wanted to get my hands on was the rookie variation set, which contains 10 different cards: J.Heyward, M.Leake, S.Castro, A.Jackson, C.Santana, G.Stanton, S.Strasburg, A.Cashner, B.Boesch, and B.Matusz.

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