Sunday, September 27, 2015

2015 N.L. East Division Champions: New York Mets

Yesterday, the New York Mets became the second team to win their division with a 10-2 victory over Cincinnati on the road.

I'll put myself out there a little bit.  Picks are more sentimental than something I'd recommend taking to Vegas.  The elimination of the Dodgers and Cardinals were a tough decision, and a victory for those teams would still keep the playoffs very interesting for me.  The Royals have already beat the Cardinals in the WS though, and the team with the most to gain from that match-up is the Cardinals.  I really don't think it's a good idea to go there for the Royals (been there, done that).  I'd rather see a different opponent--preferably the Mets or Dodgers.  I'd take the Cardinals for the NLCS though.  Now, a Royals-Yankees ALDS would be a revenge opportunity for Royals who were often knocked out of the Playoffs by the Yankees during the Royals 7 out of 10 year playoff run between 1976-1985.

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