Sunday, September 27, 2015

Turn Back the Clock: 20 Years Ago (1995 Topps)

Twenty years ago, Topps issued its smallest base set since 1977 when baseball card sets consisted of only 660 cards.  Topps also issued its final Traded/Update set in 1995 after a 15-year consecutive run.  The Topps Traded set also broke from the norm by increasing in size from 132 cards to 165 cards for the first time since 1981.  Baseball was just coming off of a season that didn't end in a World Series for the first time in 90 years (1904-1994).  Topps sets would continue to decrease in size until 2001, which is the year that I got back into the hobby after a 10-year lapse.  The next Traded set wouldn't arrive until 1999.  Although I consider 1992-1994, a transitionary period into the modern era of Topps baseball cards, 1995 was undoubtedly part of the modern era.  Note the foil on the front of the all-glossy cards for the first time in a Topps base set.  The card packs came in a "pop-tart" style for the 2nd year in a row.  The 1995 World Series featured the Atlanta Braves beating the Cleveland Indians in six games    

1995 Topps Series 1 pack with 15 cards including a Spectra Light insert with randomly inserted Own the Game instant win cards.

 1995 Topps Series 2 pack with 13 cards including a Spectra Light insert with randomly inserted League Leader and Finest cards.

1995 Topps Traded pack with 11 cards and randomly inserted Power Boosters.

1995 Topps Series 1 box with 36 packs.

1995 Topps Series 2 box with 36 packs.

1995 Topps Traded Box with 36 packs.  

This is the factory set I ended up purchasing.  I sold off the inserts because I wasn't collecting inserts at the time of purchase.  The inserts included are 20 SPECTRALight and 4 League Leader cards.

This is the factory set I would've purchased if I had to do it again.  It comes with two complete insert sets so that there is nothing left to go after.  The inserts included are a 10-card Commemorative Opening Day set and a 7-card CyberStat Season-in-Review set.

I'm not as interested in this factory set because although it contains one complete insert set, the other inserts are randomly selected cards from another set.  The inserts included are a 7-card CyberStat Season-in-Review set and 10 randomly selected Stadium Club 1st Day Issue cards.

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