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1995 Topps CyberStat Season-in-Review Bonus Insert Set #1-7

Here's another cool bonus insert set from my 1995 Topps collection.  This little set has an even cooler story--It actually attempted to predict the World Series results from the 1994 strike-shortened season.  The seven cards were supposedly a result of some computer simulation from August 12th, 1994 until the end of the World Series.  1994 was the first year that MLB went to a 3-division (West, Central, East) format from the previous 2-division (West, East) format.  There were still 28 teams in the majors, so each league had one division with only 4 teams while the other two divisions 5 teams.  I'll summarize each card below:

CyberStat #1- This card predicted that B.Bonds would have hit 61 HR's through the end of the 1994 regular season.

CyberStat #2- This card predicted that the AL West Division would have ended in a tie between the Rangers and Athletics.  In a one-game playoff, the Rangers would have supposedly won to advance.

CyberStat #3- This card predicted that the '94 ALDS would have resulted in the Indians over the Yankees and the Rangers over the White Sox.

CyberStat #4- This cards predicted that the '94 NLDS would have resulted in the Braves over the Reds and the Dodgers over the Expos.

CyberStat #5- This card predicted that the '94 ALCS would have resulted in the Indians over the Rangers.

CyberStat #6- This card predicted that the '94 NLCS would have resulted in the Braves over the Dodgers.

CyberStat #7- This card predicted that the '94 WS would have resulted in the Braves over the Indians.  I find this very interesting as this would exactly the case in the '95 WS.

Although I really like this bonus insert set, I don't agree with the logic of the results.  Since I place all of my set binders in order from best to worst team, I had already determined a method of organizing my 1994 Topps set.  It was actually very simple.  Since there was no postseason in 1994, I organized my set binder by team winning percentage only.  Below, I took the division leaders, added a wild card team, and chose a winner based on winning perentage.

1994 World Series
Montreal Expos (.649) over New York Yankees (.620)

1994 League Championship Series
NL: Expos (.649) over Reds (.579)
AL: Yankees (.620) over White Sox (.593)

1994 Division Championship Series
#1 NL East Division Expos (.649) over NL Wild Card Braves (.596)
#2 NL Central Division Reds (.579) over #3 NL West Division Dodgers (.509)
#1 AL East Division Yankees (.620) over AL Wild Card Indians (.584)
#2 AL Central Division White Sox (.593) over #3 AL West Division Rangers (.456)

Here are your 1994 World Series Champions, by default, for having finished the regular season with the best MLB record.

I've actually reorganized the front end of my '94T set binder as a result of this post.  Originally, I had it organized strictly by team win percentage, which is unrealistic.  By chance, I had a team from each league in front of my binder, but the LCS and DS teams were not reflected in the order.  Although I do organize my non-postseason team strictly by win percentage, the postseason teams are organized by level of achievement before win percentage.

In this case, the first eight teams in my binder are the Expos, Yankees, White Sox, Reds, Braves, Indians, Dodgers, and then Rangers.  The rest of the teams afterwards are organized strictly by win percentage.

So, what about the 1904 World Series?  That's simple.  The New York Giants forfeited the game to the Boston Americans (Red Sox) because the Giants thought they were too good to play the Americans (Red Sox).  That, or they were scared.  Either way, the World Series challenge between the NL and AL had already began the previous year, and would continue for every year afterward (except in 1994).  The Boston Red Sox were the 1904 World Series Champions as far as I'm concerned.  Too bad I don't have any 1904 cards to reorganize.

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  1. I love the idea that Toppa has to finish the '94 season. Dateline NBC also uses a computer to simulate the remainder of the year and the Yankee$ ended up beating the Reds in their World Series. I used Strategic Baseball Simulator to play out the rest of the '94 season and had some close finishes in the playoffs. Paul O'Neill hit a walkoff HR off of Dennis Eckersley (aka Kirk Gibson) in the ALDS, Sean Berry hit a Series clinching walkoff HR in the NLDS, and there were 2 games that went to extra innings in the World Series. Ultimately, the Reds beat the White Sox in a 7 game World Series and Ron Karkovice had a 3-HR game in Game 7 and was MVP. I made a custom Cyberstats card set for my season and still have the images saved somewhere.

    The Season in Review set was on my want list for years. I was 11 when the strike happened and always wanted to know whAt would happen if the season resumed. I purchased the entire Cyberstats set in 2005, and finally in 2009 got the entire Season in Review set from COMC. An interesting note, if you look at the Canseco card, it says that 7 players hit 50+ HRs in '94, and I've looked dozens of times through my Cyberstats set, and I believe I only count 6. Great post on one of my favorite insert sets.