Saturday, October 3, 2015

1995 Topps Commemorative Opening Day Bonus Insert Set #1-10

This is one of the bonus inserts sets that's included in the 1995 Topps Factory set (yellow box).  The scans really don't do this set any justice, as these cards have got to be some of the most fascinating inserts from the '90s.  There's really a lot going on here, from the sparkles to the embossed pattern.  This was something new for Topps in 1995, yet these cards look like they could've been inserted into packs today.  I really like the American Flag theme, and will probably use cards from this set for my 9/11 post next year.  Griffey will almost certainly be the first player from this set to make the Hall-of-Fame, which can happen as soon as next summer.  He may actually be the only one that makes it to the Hall.  Ramirez is probably going to have some trouble getting in, and McGriff may have fallen just short of eligibility.  The rest of the players are mostly semi-stars, however, this is a really nice looking insert set.

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