Friday, October 2, 2015

2000 Topps Hank Aaron Commemorative Set #1-23

This is the 3rd Commemorative Set that I've acquired of the 5 total sets released between 1996-2000.  I recently posted about the 1997 Mays set, but have yet to post about the 1996 Mantle set.  The only two sets I'm missing are the 1998 Clemente set and the 1999 Ryan set.

The 2000 Topps Hank Aaron Commemorative set consisting of 23 reprinted cards arrived in my mailbox today.  This set contains all 23 regular-issue Topps reprints from Aaron's career between 1954-1976.      

Like my other Commemorative sets, I take the cards that I don't have originals for an insert them into their respective sets as fillers until I can get my hands on the real thing.  This is a great way to acquire star players for vintage sets at a decent price.  For the cards that I do have originals, I put the commemorative reprints in back of my 2000 Topps set binder with the rest of my insert sets.  

I don't anticipate going after the Ryan set anytime soon since I already have all but the first two of his originals.  The Clemente set will be next on my list although I probably already have about half of his regular-issue cards.

The one thing that I won't try again is to compile these sets through singles purchases.  I started the Mantle Commemorative set with a desire to acquire only a few key cards.  Eventually, I had most of the 36-card set and though that I might as well complete it.  At $2-$3 each, I paid much more than I could have found the whole set for online.  This Aaron Commemorative set cost me less than $1.00 each.  The Mays Commemorative set cost me just over $1.00 each.

These Commemorative sets are a great addition to any collection.

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