Saturday, October 24, 2015

2002 Topps '52 World Series Highlights Insert Set #1-7

  Well, I finally broke down and acquired this little insert set from the 2002 Topps collection.  Originally, four of the cards were included in series 1 packs, and three of the cards were included in series 2 packs.  I'm treating these cards as a subset to my 1952 Topps collection, which consists primarily of reprinted cards with a few originals sprinkled throughout my binders.  Historically, a set's subset cards would typically represent the World Series for the year prior, which this one does not.

Here are the the 7 cards included in the subset:
#52WS1--Dodgers Line-Up
#52WS2--Billy Martin's Homer
#52WS3--Dodger Celebrate
#52WS4--Yanks Slip Dodgers
#52WS5--Carl Erskine
#52WS6--Casey Stengel & Allie Reynolds
#52WS7--Allie Reynolds Relieves Ed Lopat

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