Sunday, October 4, 2015

2015 Worst Team in the Majors: Philadelphia Phillies

This year's worst team is the Philadelphia Phillies.  With one game left to go in the regular season, there's no chance for the Phillies to pull themselves out of the cellar--even though the Reds were really trying to take the bottom spot.  The Phillies are currently 62-99 with a .385 Win Percentage.  A win today would bring them up to .388 and a loss would bring them down to .382 with a 100 losses.  The only other MLB with a Win Percentage below .400 is the Reds, who could pull themselves out of this category with a win today.

The primary position players this year (determined by Innings Played) were: Carlos Ruiz C; Ryan Howard 1B; Cesar Hernandez 2B; Freddy Galvis SS; Maikel Franco 3B; Cody Asche LF; Odubel Herrera CF; and Jeff Francoeur RF.  Ben Revere spent significant time in the outfield.

The starting rotation this year (determined by Games Started) was: Aaron Harang, Jerome Williams, Cole Hamels, Adam Morgan, and David Buchanan.  The closers (determined by Games Finished) were: Jonathan Papelbon, Ken Giles, and Jeanmar Gomez.  The other primary relief pitchers (determined by Games Played) were: Luis Garcia and Justin De Fratus,

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