Monday, November 30, 2015

2011 Topps 'Before There Was Topps' Insert Set: #BTT1-BTT7

Here's a cool little insert set to complement the 10-card 'History of Topps' insert set that came out with 2011 Topps.  Although not perfect, this insert set quickly highlights the major card sets manufactured during the first half of the 20th Century.   

In reverse order, this set outlines my vintage card collecting interests before Topps completely took over as the #1 baseball card company.  The 1948-1955 Bowman sets are an important complement to my early Topps collecting interests.  The 1939-1941 Play Ball sets represents the next major period of card production before Topps/Bowman.

The reason I called this insert set near perfect is because the Play Ball card should have included the 1940-1941 sets just as it did for the Bowman card.  The same goes for the Goudey card, which should say 1933-1941 (or at least to 1938).  Although I have not yet begun to collect Goudey, it's next up on my list.  This insert set is pretty much a roadmap to vintage card collecting.