Thursday, February 18, 2016

2004 Topps Draft Pick factory bonus set #1-5/15

     One of my primary vices in card collecting are these Factory Set Bonus cards.  The following 5 cards finally completes my Draft Pick bonus set for 2004 Topps.  There don't appear to be any spectacular finds in this lot, but my set feels just a little bit more complete today with these new additions.  With both the Draft Pick (x15) and First Year Player (x5) bonus sets now complete, all that's left for 2004 Topps are the four Team Prospect (x20) Bonus sets.


  1. I wish that Topps would have put all of the bonus cards with the factory set so it would be easier to complete. Good luck trying to get the team prospect sets.

  2. Hi, I'm glad you're getting close to completing your 2004 sets, I enjoy collecting these oddball extra mini-sets as well. I was wondering what 5 cards you have for your Yankees "Team box" set and what they are numbered? Here are the 5 I have:

    1 of 5 Rudy Guillen
    2 of 5 David Parrish
    3 of 5 Scott Proctor
    4 of 5 Hector Made
    5 of 5 Robinson Cano

    Card #3 (Proctor) differs from what's listed at the link below (Halsey), so I'm trying to figure out if the info at this link is incorrect, or maybe there's a card variation for card #3 that I'm missing:

    Team Set Prospect Bonus

    Topps produced four different "Team" factory sets -- Astros, Cubs, Red Sox, and Yankees -- that were only distributed only each team's immediate geographical area. Each team set contained their own five-card Prospect Bonus set.

    Y1 Rudy Guillen
    Y2 David Parrish
    Y3 Brad Halsey
    Y4 Hector Made
    Y5 Robinson Cano