Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Let's go Nats!!!

    The Washington Nationals forced a game #5 tiebreaker with a 5-0 shutout win against the Chicago Cubs in game #4 of the NLDS today.  

     Strasburg finally stepped up, and claimed the start that he was expected to take.  I was there in 2012 during that silly fiasco where he was shutdown for the postseason, and we missed a perfect opportunity to advance in the postseason.  Also, kudos to Tanner Roark, who was ready to pitch game #4 for the Nats.  

     Trea Turner scored in the Top of the 3rd inning to give the Nats a 1-0 lead.

     Michael Taylor hit a Grand Slam in the Top of the 8th Inning to score Daniel Murphy, Anthony Rendon, and Matt Weiters.  Score is 8-0

     The last full section in the back top-left of the following card is where I often sat between 2010-2014 when I still lived within 30 minutes from the ballpark. 

     Jayson Werth remains an important foundational anchor for the ballclub.  I hope they sign him for a 2-year contract after the season because Werth has already proven that he's ready, willing, and able to play.


  1. Stras just dominated. The narrative about his career has just changed in the blink of an eye.

  2. And another Washington team crashes and burns in the first round after crushing everyone in the regular season. Just like the hockey team...

    Still not buying that Rizzo held the tag on Lobaton...But the Scherzer inning confirmed that Fate doesn't want them to ever win.