~ Background ~


     1990 marked my 4th year of collecting Topps baseball cards. Wax packs were $0.50 for 16 cards and a stick of gum in 1990, and $0.50 for 15 cards and a stick of gum in 1991. Little did anyone know that these would be the final two years of wax packs and bubblegum cards. By the end of 1991, Topps started selling packs made of plastic--marking the end of an era . Gum would not be included in future packs. 1991 also brought about the 40th anniversary of Topps baseball cards (1951-1991), as well as the end of my initial 5-year collecting period.


     It was nearly 10 years later before I even looked at another baseball card. Topps was celebrating its 50th anniversary (1951-2001), I had been out of the military for about a month, and America was mourning a severe tragedy. I've been an avid Topps baseball card collector ever since.

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